About this blog

This blog is made to inspire, raise awareness and support healing.  Here you will be inspired to try new things, expand your creativity, learn self-awareness and build confidence. Through my own experiences I hope to raise awareness for serious topics such as domestic violence and the many forms of abuse, mental illness, personality disorders and much more. When it comes to healing, my goal is to keep you from feeling alone in your struggles. I hope you can find comfort in knowing there is someone who cares and understands. 

Welcome to Loving Heart Journal 


A Little About me…

My name is Lauren Poole. I am 26 years old living in the Pacific Northwest with my two wonderful children, Saelor and Fable, my amazing boyfriend Cody, a snuggly bunny named Clover, two silly rats named Chibi and Dobby and a noisy parakeet named Yuki.